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The Next Big Paradigm Shift

The seminar organised by Veolia at World Water Week in Stockholm on August 31 will provide a perspective on the necessary transition towards an economy that creates value without harming water resources.

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Water may well be a renewable resource, but its uneven distribution along with increasing urbanisation weighs heavily. 

By 2030 it is estimated that nearly half of the world's population will be living in areas suffering from water stress. Yet, only 5% of water is recycled on a global scale.

Based on these observations, the seminar's participants will highlight the central role of the global water community in the transition from a linear economy, which is presently conducive to waste, to a circular economy that uses and reuses resources intelligently. In short, a "smart" economy that provides opportunities for growth and intelligent usage.

Solutions, under development or already implemented by the various stakeholders, will thus be presented. These stakeholders will contribute to the debate, therefore allowing preferred partnerships between local associations and industry representatives to emerge.

> Watch live the conference animated by Veolia at the World Water Week

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