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Pangeo, Veolia’s international program for young talent

Pangeo, Veolia’s international integration and recruitment program for enterprising young people, has a new space in the group’s digital ecosystem. Since its establishment in 2004, 670 young people from top universities have joined this program.

Pangeo’s main objective is to offer bright young French and international people—passionate about Veolia’s business—the opportunity to spend 12 to 24 months abroad while working for the company. Pangeo is now directly accessible via the “careers” section at


110 “Pangeos” at Veolia this year

Pangeo is already a success: 4,000 candidates apply each year, and over the last 10 years, 670 promising young people from the world’s top universities have already been taken on for this program on all five continents. And 70% of them were hired at the end of their mission. For Veolia, this integration solution helps to identify bright young talents, and to better understand their motivation, their goals, and their skills in order to create long-term success.

“Pangeo” testimonials:

Jaime Moles, 26 years old, Pangeo since August 2013 on an 18-month mission as a civil engineer in Lima, Peru: 

Jaime Moles

“Originally from Barcelona, I discovered Veolia’s international offerings at the end of my civil engineering studies in Spain and France. I was hired for a mission at La Sade, a subsidiary of Veolia. In my opinion, the Pangeo program is an excellent way to start out professionally. There is a lot of follow-up, and the global perspective allows you to take on responsibilities more quickly. I was initially an assistant foreman, and little by little I was able to move up. Now I am a production engineer and I supervise 200 people. Once my mission is finished, I would like to continue my career at Veolia, in Peru or elsewhere.” 


Anne-Laure Courbier*, 27 years old, Pangeo for the past year in Warsaw, Poland, waste and energy sector: 

Anne-Laure Courbier

“I completed my first Pangeo year in Veolia’s waste sector as a project manager for an exploratory mission in the food-processing industry. I am currently starting my second year with Veolia, now in the energy sector. It will be an opportunity for me to gain experience in marketing by developing our services throughout this country’s industries. I enjoy having a comprehensive picture, so it is very rewarding to continue the Pangeo program in marketing. They allow me a lot of freedom in my mission. I am able to take initiative and it’s very gratifying. In the future, I would like to be hired at Veolia, a company that gave me a chance.” 

*In May, at the “Grand Prix VIE” held at the French Embassy in Poland, Anne-Laure Courbier received the Integration Award for her work at Veolia.  


Carina Scharf, 23 years old, Pangeo for the past 5 months in the Dubai communication sector: 

“I am German, and I found out about this program after an internship at Airbus in Toulouse. I was not familiar with Veolia beforehand. I wanted to have a professional experience outside Europe, and to work in communication on technical subjects. And since Veolia brings together three industries—water, energy, and waste—it was perfect for me. It differs from an internship in that here in Dubai I have a real project and real responsibilities. I have the opportunity to monitor achievements and organize events in Gulf countries.”