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Pudong: twelve years of innovation

In the space of a decade, the water service of Shanghai’s financial and commercial hub, Pudong, has become a platform of global expertise, implementing the most innovative technologies to manage drinking water systems.

Continuous growth and performance

In Pudong, Veolia serves over 4.2 million people under a public-private partnership covering the management of the entire drinking water service. This partnership, which is unprecedented in China and has been running since 2002, handles a volume of 1.6 million m3 of water every day. Today, the results can be seen. The joint venture has boosted productivity by increasing plant production capacity, extending the network (+134%), using the most effective treatment technologies, and monitoring 4,600 km of pipelines in real time. Innovation is ongoing. As well as creating a state-of-the-art Water Movement Control Center, Veolia and its partners have established a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Center to ensure efficient network operations and exemplary water quality monitoring provided by a cuttingedge laboratory. All the more impressive given that the population served grew by 1 million at the same time.

Real-time monitoring

Pudong’s integrated Water Movement Control Center is equipped with the latestgeneration network management tools. It is able to monitor the 34 sectors of the drinking water distribution system 24/7 using 463 measuring instruments that can locate and visualize leaks or pollution. The PDA Center complements this set-up by providing on-site network operators access to 3D views of all the facilities and the relevant technical data in just a few clicks. It constantly interfaces with the operators’ PDAs, which stream data on response time, team location, progress photos of maintenance works and emergency management for Veolia customers.

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