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The RATP has chosen Veolia to dismantle and recycle passanger cars from the RER A line

Bartin, a subsidiary of Veolia, has signed a with the RATP to remove asbestos and to dismantle 317 passenger cars from the RER A line.

97% of the materials will be used to produce other materials, of which 85% is steel, 10% other metals (copper, stainless steel and aluminum) and 2% other materials, such as glass.
The trains, transferred to the Torvilliers facility, near Troyes near Troyes, east of Paris, undergo an operation to remove the asbestos in a clean room, under negative pressure. The various materials making up the carcasses (metals and glass) are processed, sorted and recovered in the appropriate processes.
Nine sets per month will be handled in this manner over the next four years.