Smart City Forum, Grand Paris: Veolia confirms its ambition for a more open and creative "smart city"

Between 26 and 28 November at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, the Grand Paris Smart City Forum brings together connected city stakeholders: local authorities, public and private enterprises, start-ups, academics, political leaders. On the 27th November, Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot took part in a round table discussion on "Innovation, open places, new metropolitan practices?"


Creative spaces open to all 

For Veolia, developing smart cities comes through multi-stakeholder initiatives. New services are under trial, for example, in the TUBÀ collaborative laboratory in Lyon, on exploiting urban data are tested for intelligent housing or communicating street furniture. Once proven, these digital tools are deployed on a large scale. The fruit of a partnership with multiple actors[1], this open innovation hub[2] creates new links between companies and individuals and so becomes a focal point for value creation.


A new participatory urban culture 

Continuous interaction between residents and urban services creates a new participatory urban culture that allows everyone to more effectively interact. With smartphones and connected devices, the city’s smartness is transferred to city dwellers who then become information transmitters. Users become micro public services operators. Giving citizens information in real-time empowers them and actively collaborates for the good management of the city.


Antoine Frérot, Président-directeur général de Veolia

"The smart city is more open, and so are businesses! By dramatically reducing the cost of businesses interacting with their environment, the digital revolution has led to a radical redefinition of the borders between companies and their ecosystems. The digital economy metamorphoses municipal methods of governance. The digital revolution makes metropolitan practices more fluid and efficient. It provides information that helps elected officials make more appropriate decisions. For urban policy makers, managing a city will increasingly consist of managing data and rooting out the essentials,” concluded Antoine Frérot.

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Date of publication: 27 November 2015


[1] It brings together around Greater Lyon, Veolia, Keolis, SFR, start-ups, SMEs and micro businesses, competitiveness clusters, laboratories and schools. [2] See the Veolia Innovation Accelerator program (VIA)