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“Social Initiatives 2015”: Veolia promotes its best internal practices in the field of human resources

Today, Veolia publishes a collection of best internal practices entitled “Social initiatives in 2015: Ideas for progress”. It brings together 70 initiatives selected among 270 good practices from 34 countries.

Promoting these social initiatives allows Veolia to highlight the most innovative practices in the field of human resources, favors their dissemination, and encourages their deployment in the Group’s various entities.

An internal jury, chaired by Jean-Marie Lambert, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Veolia, selected eight initiatives, two of which received a special award.

The winners of the Social Initiatives 2015

  • Preventive Health Award - A program aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees, deployed in the UK and Ireland
  • Preventive Safety Award - The Always Safe program in Australia, aims at developing a shared safety culture
  • Developing Skills and Talent Award - A literacy project, run in partnership with Campus Veolia, to improve the employability of the Group’s employees in Niger
  • Social Equity and Diversity Award - A communication campaign promoting gender diversity in the workplace in all business lines in France
  • HR and Business Development Award - The creation of a team dedicated to industrial markets in Latin America through a specific training program
  • Social Commitment Award - A support program for children from a rural primary school in China
  • Special Award - The creation of an incubator to foster knowledge transfer and train tomorrow’s managers in Poland
  • Special Award - The implementation program specifically designed for expert employees evolving towards management positions in Belgium and Luxembourg



« Social initiatives in 2015: Ideas for progress» (39.36 MB)

"We need to share our social initiatives and work together so that they are adopted outside the region where they were originally developed," says Jean-Marie Lambert, Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Veolia. 

Date of publication: 19 January 2016