United States: Veolia, Antero Resources reduced its water footprint in Appalachia

Antero Resources, the US shale oil & gas producer, has chosen Veolia to design, build and operate an ultra-modern plant capable of processing and recycling industrial water at its Doddridge County site in West Virginia.


Starting in 2017, the new plant will manage the full industrial water cycle for Antero Resources’ site in Doddridge County, eventually treating and recycling 60,000 barrels a day, or 9,500 m3 per day.

The plant will employ three particularly innovative Veolia treatment processes[1] aimed at optimizing water reuse in the production cycle.

​It will enable Antero Resources to lead the way in responsible water management, make substantial savings as well as reduce the risk and cost associated with long-distance hauling of water for deep-well injection.



Covering the entire water cycle, our unique expertise is particularly suited to the oil & gas industry’s needs,” says Antoine Frérot, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veolia. “The ability to treat and recycle produced water is a crucial aspect of oil & gas exploration & production. It also represents significant progress in terms of reducing environmental risks.”


The oil & gas market is one of the growth drivers for Veolia. The Group aims to significantly develop its sales in this sector by 2020.


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[1] CoLD Process® for crystallization, and Actiflo® and AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) for used water clarification and treatment.