Veolia participates in the Le Monde Smart Cities event in Singapore

On the occasion of the presentation of the International Urban Innovation Awards, The Le Monde newspaper organized a day of reflection and discussion on major urban transformations in Singapore today.

Laurent Auguste, Veolia's Senior Executive Vice President Development, Innovation and Markets, participated in the event. He presented Veolia's vision at the round table on "Governance, general interest and citizen participation: cities can only be smart if citizens and elected representatives are involved in their governance and general interest into account".

"Smart cities foster partnerships between the various urban stakeholders, which is now necessary to meet new challenges, such as resilience and the fight against climate change. They also help improve the management and use of resources and cities by breaking down the barriers between water, energy, and materials flows. Finally, they offer the possibility of placing citizens at the heart of cities by giving them the opportunity to be better informed, more engaged actors", said Laurent Auguste.

Veolia’s solutions for smart cities

Veolia has developed Urban Board, which is a tool that allows elected representatives to develop a smart vision of cities by combining technical and social indicators. Urban Board links the performance of urban services to citizens' perceptions of mobility, safety, cleanliness, and the environment. It reports on air quality and the traffic situation in real time. It compiles technical data with an analysis of what citizens post on social networks.
The Urban Pulse application provides residents with information on how to "live better in the city" (leisure, transport, etc.). It also enables them to alert local authorities about any problems related to public services and bring communities together around local circular economy activities. 

Resilient smart cities

Veolia and Swiss Re have entered into a partnership to improve the resilience of cities through the implementation of smart solutions that allow a better anticipation of natural disasters. For example, in Copenhagen, the implementation of a tool capable of predicting floods several hours in advance reduces the number of wastewater spills in the city's port by 90% every year.   

Inclusive smart cities

In France, Veolia has implemented smart systems to accompany low-income households. Sensors are installed in their homes allowing them to optimize their water and energy consumption and thus significantly reduce their expenses.

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