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Veolia presents its offering for the nuclear industry at the World Nuclear Exhibition

Specialist in decommissioning sensitive sites, as well as in the treatment and storage of low and very low radioactive nuclear waste, Veolia is present at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris-Le Bourget (28 to 30 June). The Exhibition was opened by Emmanuel Macron, French Minister of Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, accompanied by several top business leaders, including the CEO of Veolia Antoine Frérot.


Organized by the association of French industrial nuclear exporters, the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) brings together 300 companies and organizations specializing in the nuclear cycle. Veolia is presenting all its areas of expertise in decommissioning sensitive sites, as well as in the treatment and storage of low and very low level waste. 

Kurion, which joined Veolia in February, offers cleanup, nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste treatment solutions. Its activities focus on three areas of expertise: separation, stabilization and robotic confined access technologies. The only international operator to work after Fukushima disaster, in the 2015 Kurion was ranked among the hundred most innovative companies in the world in terms of "clean" technologies (Global Cleantech 100). Director of Marketing and Business Developpement[1] at Kurion, Stephen Sanders will present “New Robotics technologies to retrieve nuclear waste in difficult sites” in one of the workshops [2] during the exhibition.


Asteralis incorporates all Veolia’s solutions and expertise applicable to the issues presented by sensitive sites. The company works in support of all the phases from characterizing the initial state of a site to controlling its final state, including developing several cleanup, decommissioning and radioactive waste management options.


"Veolia is able to meet the needs of an emerging market with high added value. 40 years ago, the Group created the treatment of toxic waste by cleaning the water of rivers, a world first. In choosing to develop the activity of remediation, decommissioning and treatment of low radioactive waste, Veolia confirms its positioning as a pioneer in the treatment of the most difficult pollution,” says the Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot.

A customized robot for the Fukushima site

After the earthquake and tsunami In Japan in 2011, a remote-controlled robot that was custom designed by Kurion, made it possible to safely access the primary containment area in the damaged reactor at the Daiichi nuclear power plant. The robot is able to move through the radioactive environment, check for leaks, patch them and then remove the fuel.


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[1] “Access” activity [2] 29 June, from 16:00 - 17:00