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Veolia upgrades the drinking water plant for 600,000 residents in Nantes, France

The Nantes Métropole local government authority has selected Veolia to upgrade the La Roche water production plant. The contract is worth 64.5 million euros for the consortium headed by Veolia subsidiary OTV.

The project to upgrade the La Roche water production plant has become indispensable due to the area's economic development and changes in standards for water quality. Upgrading the plant, which serves close to 600,000 people, is now a strategic necessity for the 24 districts making up Nantes Métropole.

A total of 160 million liters of water will be produced per day using two Veolia technologies, ACTIFLO® and ACTIFLO®Carb. This dual process will guarantee production of first-class quality water no matter what the variations in the flow or condition of the input water.

"The challenge of this large-scale operation is to put in place a new, more effectivewater treatment process that will comply with the latest European régulations."

Jean-Michel Herrewyn, Director of Global Enterprises at Veolia

Around 600,000 residents served
160 million liters of water produced each day
24 towns