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"Wake up for the climate!" - Veolia launches a unique operation to mobilize the general public

During the COP 21, Veolia launches an original and educational operation called "Wake up for the climate!". From December 3 to 5, "frogs" will be crisscrossing Paris to raise public awareness on climate change issues.

Let’s take leap!

The operation "Wake up for the climate!" is based on the tale of the boiling frog: if a frog falls into boiling water, it reacts instantly and leaps out to escape. But if it is placed in cold water which is gradually heated, the frog gets used to the rising temperature, becomes numb, and ends up boiled. Just like the frog, we allow ourselves to be tricked by imperceptible rising temperatures, and are not always aware of the risks of climate change. Let’s follow the frog’s example and escape the climate trap that is dulling our senses. Let’s take the leap!


Take action with the Veolia “frogs”

For three days the Veolia “frogs” - around thirty electric bicycle-taxis equipped with speakers – will be croaking in the streets of Paris. They will distribute flyers retelling the frog’s tale and offering solutions to keep the temperature increase below the 2°C mark.

Veolia is raising awareness on the consequences of climate change and the need to change the way we live.


The "Wake up for the climate!” operation continues at the Grand Palais

Veolia is taking part in the free public exhibition "COP 21 Solutions" at the Grand Palais from December 4 to 10. The Group is offering a “Journey to the land of + 2°C" on its stand, as well as educational workshops to make frogs out of recycled materials on the stand of La REcyclerie.

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Date of publication: 3 December 2015