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World Water Day 2017: for Veolia "water is far too precious a resource to be used just once"

On this World Water Day dedicated to "wastewater", the international community has decided to focus on sanitation - across the entire sector (access, collection, treatment and reuse of wastewater) - to drive forward public health, and protect resources and the environment on a global scale. Invited by UNESCO to Durban for the launch of the United Nations sanitation report, entitled "Wastewater: the untapped resource", Veolia explained how it recycles 98% of the SWTW treatment plant's wastewater in this South African city.


Why wastewater?

In the absence of sanitation, 1.8 billion people around the world drink polluted water, causing the death of 842,000 people a year. Urban wastewater disposal and treatment are therefore a major environmental and social challenge as they make it possible to reduce uncontrolled discharges into the environment and limit the spread of disease.
Some figures: in 2017, high-income countries treat 70% of their wastewater. This percentage falls to 38% in upper middle-income countries and 28% in lower-middle-income countries. In low-income countries only 8% of industrial and urban wastewater is treated.

98% of the SWTW treatment plant's wastewater is recycle


In a themed session organized by UNESCO, Sagren Govender, General Manager KZN Solutions Veolia Water Technologies South Africa, presented the solutions implemented by the Group in Durban (which has 3.6 million inhabitants): "Veolia recycles 98% of the SWTW treatment plant's wastewater for local industrial use. It makes it possible to reduce natural water withdrawals and an additional 47,000 m3 of drinking water can be produced per day - the equivalent of 16 Olympic swimming pools. In addition the use of recycled water by industry reduces their costs by 5 million euros per year. Veolia put this solution to adapt to climate change in place in the framework of a public-private partnership (PPP) - the first ever concluded in South Africa".


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