Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030

Veolia Environnement wins first place for its Move2Chem project.

Veolia Environnement has won the Worldwide Innovation Challenge 2030 with its partners SAS Pivert and Sofiprotéol.
The Move2Chem project was awarded for the "Plant Proteins and Plant Chemistry" strategic goal.It aims to develop a system for the recovery of the co-products, effluent and waste from the agribusiness sector, by converting them into chemical molecules used to create new materials and products (dyes, solvents, polymers, etc).
By creating a model in which the biodegradable organic carbon can be reused to produce materials, thereby conserving fossil resources and reducing CO2 emissions, the Move2Chem project ties in perfectly with Veolia Environnement's priority focus on research and innovation initiatives for the circular economy.

"These will deliver tangible developments in the area of plant chemistry in order to provide concrete solutions to the problems of resource scarcity in the world," explained Anne-Sophie Lepeuple, Head of Veolia Environnement's "Biotechnology & Agronomics" research unit.

Worth of this award:

  • Economic mid/long time: This prize is to determine technological and industrial challenges facing the French society by 2030, to find innovation solutions.
  • ​Environnemental: Protection of fossil fuels and reduction of CO2

SOFIPROTEOL is the industrial and financial arm of the French vegetable oils and proteins industry. Its mission is to create sustainable value in these sectors by contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

Sofiprotéol website

SAS PIVERT is a private company based on a public-private partnership, in charge of the Institute for Energy Transition P.I.V.E.R.T. (Picardy Plant Innovations, Teaching and Technological Research). The mission of the ITE P.I.V.E.R.T. is to develop plant chemistry from renewable, promising and competitive raw material: the oilseed biomass.

SAS PIVERT website