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Grand Paris Seine Ouest and Issy-les-Moulineaux innovate with mobile vacuum waste collection in Fort d'Issy

Vacuum waste collection is making inroads in urban areas. But the choice of a mobile collection system using vacuum trucks for the Fort d'Issy econeighborhood is a first in France.
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Mobile vacuum waste collection involves using vacuum trucks to suck household waste from underground tanks where people throw their waste bags down readily accessible inlets. Particularly suitable for urban areas, this innovative system offers a permanent service and greatly improves hygiene and the cleanliness of the areas served, as well as reducing the noise and unsightliness generally associated with waste collection.

Since the end of April 2013, residents in the new Fort d'Issy neighborhood can throw their waste bags into the 115 inlets available to them. The 1.78 km underground network provides for the separate collection of different types of waste: yellow inlets for household waste packaging and for newspapers and magazines, and gray inlets for other household waste, except for glass. Each inlet empties into an underground screw tank (50 in total) that are linked together by a network of underground pipes. A system of storage valves at the entry into each section of the pipe network creates a vacuum that sucks the waste into the collection vehicle. The truck then connects up to the two vacuum points located near to Fort to collect each type of waste separately, from where the waste is transported either to the Isséane waste-to-energy facility or to the materials recovery facility.

To implement this innovative, eco-friendly collection system, the Grand Paris Seine Ouest joint district authority and the Issy-les-Moulineaux municipality awarded system design and construction to the joint venture formed by Veolia Environmental Services, Envac and AT&E.

In 2010, Veolia Environmental Services and Envac signed an exclusive partnership for France and have since then been assisting local government authorities to find solutions for waste management and cleanliness. Veolia Environmental Services and Envac together contributed their knowledge of the entire waste cycle and of the development of vacuum collection techniques to define, design and implement the most suitable solution for the Fort d'Issy eco-neighborhood.

"Thanks to this new mobile system, vacuum waste collection is now a possibility for urban areas with very little space. There is no longer need for a permanent collection space in a hangar, because a vacuum truck simply connects up to the network when needed."

André Santini
Vice-chairman of the Grand Paris Seine Ouest authority and Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux


"Vacuum collection is a revolution in quality of service for urban life, and Fort d'Issy is a bellwether for urban renewal. The trust in our services shown by the Grand Paris Seine Ouest authority and the Issy-les-Moulineaux municipality to put in place a solution for this eco-neighborhood is a demonstration of the capability of Veolia Environmental Services and its partners to provide answers to the challenges of our era and to those of our local government clients."

Antoine Frérot
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Environnement


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