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Success of the dividend distribution in shares

The option for the payment of the dividend in shares was widely chosen by Veolia Environnement's shareholders: 64.86% of the rights were exercised in favor of a payment in shares. This rate of dividend distribution in shares will result in an increase of €227.9 million in the equity of Veolia Environnement.
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This transaction will result in the issuance of 26,788,859 new shares (representing approximately 4.88% of the share capital and 5.01% of the voting rights, taking into account the issuance), to be delivered and admitted for trading on NYSE Euronext Paris starting on June 14, 2013.

The shares issued in this manner shall carry entitlement to dividends as of January 1, 2013 and shall be the object of subsequent listing requests on NYSE Euronext Paris and the NYSE. They shall carry the same rights and restrictions as common shares in circulation, as described in the Company's Articles of Association and the 2012 Registration Document/Annual Financial Report available on the Company's website (

At the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting held on May 14, 2013, shareholders approved a dividend of €0.70 per share payable in respect of the 2012 fiscal year, with the option of dividend payment in cash or shares. The issue price of the new shares issued as payment for the dividend was set at €8.51, corresponding to 90% of the average opening prices during the twenty trading sessions on the regulated stock market of NYSE Euronext Paris preceding the date of the General Shareholders' Meeting less the amount of the dividend and rounded up to the next highest euro cent.

The dividend resulting from the option for the payment in cash represents a total amount of €127.5 million. It will also be paid starting on June 14, 2013.
Veolia Environnement
Veolia Environnement (Paris Euronext: VIE and NYSE: VE) is the worldwide reference in environmental solutions. With 220,000 employees*, the company has operations all around the world and provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of municipal and industrial customers in three complementary segments: water management, waste management and energy management. Veolia Environnement recorded revenue of €29.4 billion* in 2012.
(*) Excluding VeoliaTransdev employees and revenues currently under divestment


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