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Veolia dismantles and recycles RER A line train sets for RATP

Press release Veolia dismantles and recycles RER A line train sets for RATP (466.16 KB)

To achieve this very high level of recovery, Veolia has implemented expertise that allows it to manage the transfer of the MS61 sets, remove the asbestos and deconstruct them, recover the cars’ component materials and process the non-recoverable components.
In all, 97% of the materials will be used to produce other materials, of which 85% is steel, 10% other metals (copper, stainless steel and aluminum) and 2% other materials, such as glass.
To recover the materials that comprise the RER A passenger cars that have reached their end-of-life, Veolia has built a negative-pressure clean room which will be used to treat, in complete confinement and using the highest safety standards, all the polluting material, such as asbestos and avoid the dispersal of any particles. This dedicated facility based in Torvilliers, near Troyes, east of Paris, has been judged a “benchmark installation” by the French government’s authorities responsible for its inspection. The facility will process nine sets a month for the coming four years.
After arriving at the site, each set is cleared of all its furniture and then processed in the clean room where qualified personnel remove the asbestos. Once this operation has been completed, the cars are cleaned with high-pressure water, which is then filtered and treated in a special unit ready for reuse making this operation a closed loop. Finally, each set’s carcass and its component materials (metals and glass) are processed, sorted and recovered in the appropriate system.
“This contract is a first in France. It is a perfect illustration of the complexity of the dismantling business, which requires high-level technical expertise and safety rules together with complete traceability throughout all stages of the deconstruction and material recycling operations, while at the same time ensuring the safety of employees and the environment,” says Pascal Tissot, Chief Executive Officer of Bartin Recycling Group, the Veolia subsidiary responsible for processing the RER A cars and recovering their component materials.
Bartin Recycling Group is a reference company for end-of-life dismantling of transportation vehicles (civilian and military, rail rolling stock, ships, boats and aircraft). Bartin Recycling Group also specializes in asbestos removal, the deconstruction of industrial sites and is one of France’s leading ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery companies.

Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management. With over 200,000 employees* worldwide, the company designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources, and to replenish them.
In 2013, Veolia supplied 94 million people with drinking water and 62 million people with wastewater service, produced 86 million megawatt hours of energy and converted 38 million metric tons of waste into new materials and energy. Veolia (Paris Euronext: VIE and NYSE: VE) recorded revenue of €22.3 billion* in 2013. (*) Excluding Transdev employees and revenue currently under divestment


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