Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring access to basic services, fair distribution of resources and conserve them for future generations are crucial challenges for our communities. Veolia works toward these goals on a daily basis by consistently monitoring our CSR and ambitions add to our appeal with all our stakeholders, which most importantly include our customers, our employees, and our investors. The way in which we integrate into our environment, support our employees, and keep up a dialogue with our stakeholders determines our right to operate and has an impact on our competitiveness.


This document sets out the key data on Veolia’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance.


 Our ambition translates into 9 commitments with 12 key indicators and objectives for 2020. Collaboration at every level in the Group has clarified and identified the priorities in Veolia’s CSR strategy. This long-term approach to progress goes right to the very top of the company. 

Because global sustainable development is essential, because sustainable development in the regions we serve is the reason for our existence, and because the well-being of our employees determines our performance, we have chosen to build and present our commitments and our performance on the basis of these three aspects.

• Resourcing the world

Day to day, our ambition is "resourcing the world" to address the major environmental issues: conserving natural resources, combating climate change and protecting biodiversity. We deliver on this ambition every day through a determination to manage the sites we operate in an exemplary way and to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions to our customers. Since 2002, Veolia has measured and controlled the impact of its activities on both the environment and public health. Its environmental management system (EMS) is completely transparent and includes around one hundred indicators. 


Environmental performance,
at the heart of Veolia's value creation

Business development New business models for cities Traditional municipal activities Dismantling Circular economy Mining, metals and power industries Oils, gas and Chemicals, industries Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries Difficult pollutions Operational performance Reduce use of chemicals Reduce loss Recover process residues Energy efficiency Reduce unplanned downtime Optimise production capacity Stakeholders expectations Air quality Local pollution Fight against climate change Circular economy Preserve water resources Preserve biodiversity Reduce waste generation Responsible use of services by final users



Measure and manage
the impact of the
Group’s activities
the environment

Deployed in all
the Group’s activities



9 commitments of which 3
are in favour of resourcing
the planet:

manage resources

Fight against
climate change

Preserve and restore

6 progress indicators
for environmental

Objectives Plan

6 priority


water resources

materials and energy

Reduce greenhouse
gas emissions

Energy efficiency

Air and water quality

Manage ecosystems

6 priority actions2016 - 2018 Recover materials and energy Reducegreenhouse gas emissions Energy efficiency Air and water quality Manage ecosystems Manage water resources OneMissionResourcing the world
Sustainably manage natural resources through the circular economy
Contribute to combating climate change 
Preserve and restore biodiversity


• Resourcing the regions 

Our commitments to sustainable development (4.88 MB)

Veolia's business is characterized by its strong local roots and direct interaction with people’s everyday lives. The Group's expertise and its development of original support solutions helps it improve access to essential services across a broad spectrum of contexts and countries, meeting the expectations of the authorities who entrust Veolia with the management of their services. Efficient services enhance regional appeal and competitiveness.

In addition, Veolia seeks to deploy new relationship models with its stakeholders in order to jointly build partnerships that create value, support entrepreneurship and innovation, and maintain responsible relationships with its suppliers as part of a sustainable purchasing policy. In particular this includes incorporating sustainable development issues in the bidding process, evaluating the CSR performance of our suppliers and, through them, developing the local economic fabric. The societal value created is measured in the social reports and purchasing reports, the main indicators for which are given the CSR Performance Digest

Build new relationship and value creation models with our stakeholders
Contribute to enhancing regional development and appeal
Provide and maintain services essential for health and human development


​• For the women and men in our company

Veolia’s prime responsibility is to ensure the well-being and fulfilment of its 168,800 employees. More than ever, in the context of a new, more integrated Veolia, the Group intends to fully assume its corporate social responsibility as an employer of choice for its employees and for the regions. Our commitment is reflected in the priority given to health and safety, through the attention paid to our employees’ professional development, through the action and commitment of our managers to social responsibility and through respect for and dialogue with our internal stakeholders.
Since 2001, the Group has many indicators world-wide that are collected through a single tool especially for social data. It helps to accurately identify the realities and operational practices in terms of human resources.


Ensure a safe and healthy working environment
Promote the professional development and commitment of every employee
Ensure respect for diversity and human and fundamental rights within the company

Veolia is evaluated on its governance, human resources management, environmental performance, sustainable purchasing, and societal performance, through which it qualifies for inclusion in specialized stock-market indexes.