Health & Safety Week 2017

Veolia is organizing the International Health & Safety Week for the third time, from 17th to 21st September 2017, on the theme "Aiming for Zero Accidents". Health and safety at work is a strong commitment that the CEO of Veolia Middle East, Xavier Joseph reiterated during this week.

This Health & Safety week is the opportunity to highlight all the tools developed and put in place, globaly and localy. The following video, for example, was developed in the Middle East to conduct a general safety induction for all visitors before visiting a Veolia site:


Objective: "zero accidents" for all Veolia employees.

The purpose of the International Health and Safety Week is to remind everyone about the basic rules of Veolia’s "Always Safe" program and to circulate them. The rules are based on setting a good example, situation analysis, training at all levels, sharing of good practices and respecting discipline. They are intended to ensure that all the managers and employees understand and embrace a set of principles and good safety practices on a daily basis. It is essential that everyone is involved in order to improve both Veolia’s prevention culture and its performance, and to achieve the goal of "zero accidents”.

Every day, we are facing situations where safety could be compromised, our golden rule is: Always Safe. Within Veolia, we believe our people are our first asset and is our absolute priority, nothing can be more important. In the Middle East, Veolia has chosen five employee portraits that showcase how they act safe in order to avoid any accidents:


“We use PPE for safety and barricade tape to catch the attention of passersby hazards while doing sewage lifting station monitoring.”
Vengadesh RAMARAJAN, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


“I use a High Voltage Tester to ensure there is no energy before working in HV Switchgear Panels.”
Vasim RAJA, Abu Dhabi, UAE



“Stay Alert, don’t get hurt and use personal protective equipment.”



“We have sometimes emergency situations in our facilities. That's why it is really important to prepare and run some drills in conditions close to the reality.”
Arnaud BREUZARD, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman



“I always follow lockout-tagout procedures to protect myself and my colleagues from serious injuries from hazardous energy releases. It is an easy step towards a healthy and happy life.”
Eleanor ABAYA, Dubai, UAE


All Veolia Middle East sites & offices conduct awareness actions to increase the importance of Health & Safety at work!


Remember ... ALWAYS SAFE !!!