Our Commitment in the Middle East

Our Purpose

Fundamental and designed for the long term, Veolia's purpose is a compass that helps us set and keep our course over time. It is a shared progress approach that concerns all Veolia employees and benefits all stakeholders. It is being implemented through our Impact 2023 strategic program, guided by a vision of multifaceted performance, which places the same level of attention and requirements on its economic and financial, commercial, human resources, social and environmental performance. Our ambition is to make Veolia a model company in the ecological transformation.


Multifacette performance


Our CSR pathways

In this constantly changing world, people’s interaction with the environment represents a major challenge that requires the mobilization
of the efforts and commitment of all stakeholders at the local and national levels.

 Be closer to the communities; engage employees and raise awareness on environmental protection and biodiversity are the three focuses of Veolia’s activities in the Middle East.


As Resourcers, we focus our efforts on three main pillars:

  1. Be closer to communities,
  2. Engage employees,
  3. Raise awareness on environmental protection and biodiversity.

Across the Middle East, Veolia works toward these goals on a daily basis by consistently monitoring our CSR impact and defining strict ambitions with all our stakeholders, which most importantly include our customers, our employees, and our investors.


''As a global leader in environmental services, we support cities and industries in Africa and the Middle East in their transformation towards a more frugal, more inclusive and less carbon-intensive economy. In every country in which we do business, our work ethic is about collaboration and sharing the added value created. This is our way of respecting our ecosystem and having a positive impact on the countries in which we operate.''

Philippe Bourdeaux Director of Veolia Middle East and Africa


 Our daily action, in line with the Veolia Group's 9 commitments to sustainable development, contributes very concretely to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 We act as a catalyst for growth in that region and are helping industries operate in a more sustainable and resource-efficient way. We are helping to build a circular economy model based on joint development, improved usage, recovery and recycling of resources.

Veolia Group's 9 commitments to sustainable development


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