Innovative delivery models

Veolia is a source for industry-leading expertise in the widest range of service delivery schemes.

Veolia’ three businesses (water management, waste collection & recycling, and energy optimization) represent the major urban and environmental issues faced by local authorities.

Veolia plays a key role alongside municipal, regional and national officials in leveraging its expertise to offer innovative solutions tailored to local challenges.

Sustainable urban development has become a major field for local policymakers, who must speed up deployment of innovative technology to offer simpler, more efficient solutions to match the vision of the development in the Middle East.

The dwindling supply and the pollution of conventional resources is giving rise to new challenges for tomorrow’s cities, especially in arid regions experiencing strong urbanization. This situation demands the continuous implementation of forward-looking contractual solutions that preserve a public workforce and governance but infuses private-sector expertise.


Contractual solutions

Veolia’s wide range of services can help cities to ensure the best public service levels while controlling rates and budgets through a wide range of delivery schemes:

  • Peer performance solutions is a way to support and reinforce public utilities.

With Peer Performance Solutions, public employees can blend their local knowledge and know-how with industry experts from a global team.

  • Alliance partnerships are long-term management assistance and advisory services at risk.

Similar to program management, this model puts Veolia at risk to assist you in best providing water and wastewater services and associated capital improvements.
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  • Management Partnerships provide public utilities and industries with senior leadership from the private sector.

With this model our clients gain management oversight of senior private-sector leaders, while maintaining publicly operated utility and public employees.

  • O&M Partnerships outsource operation, maintenance and management of water and wastewater services.

Veolia traces its history back to 1853 and the world’s first public-private O&M partnership in Paris, France.
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  • Design-Build-Operate Partnerships offer operations insights and long-term value in design-build projects.
  • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer
  • Concessions provide cash to municipalities through long-term leases of public-utility services to private entities.

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Veolia also provides stand-alone operational assistance to help with unique challenges. Our subject matter experts have experience managing all aspects of utilities, from customer service, metering, fleet management, procurement and more. Together, we can develop a customized approach to address your specific needs.



  • Transfer knowledge to your employees and support them in achieving their own performance and efficiency goals
  • Consultative and goal-oriented model
  • Train your next generation of leaders and get access to a global network of best practices