Achieving a 60% waste recycling

In 2012, Veolia was chosen to implement a waste management program for a period of three years at the renowned luxury Ritz Carlton hotel.

United Arab Emirates

The waste management services provided by Veolia are serving a total of 80 villas, more than 400 luxury suites and the Venetian village.
The integrated and tailor-made program includes waste removal, segregation at source and our friendly and helpful staff also assists the hotel in the maintenance of the garbage room.
This optimized solution is aligned with Ritz Carlton environmental goals, encourages best practices and enhances the awareness of the staff towards waste management.
This strategic approach ensure the client has opportunity to reuse and recycle more waste, up to 60%, reducing further dependency on landfill and making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

60% waste recycling

80 villas and more than 400 luxury suites

since 2012 (3-year program)