Delivering water treatment chemicals solution to Solb steel

Delivering water treatment chemicals solution to Solb steel

Saudi Arabia

Considering the currently ongoing construction boom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Pan-Kingdom Investment Company Solb Steel Company have taken a decision to establish a regional center for production of steel & allied products in the up-coming Jazan Economic City in southern province of Jazan.


With 75% of market share in the steel industry cooling water treatment market in the Kingdom, Veolia was chosen to design, and execute the most suitable, efficient, economic and state of the art chemical treatment program to treat the industrial cooling water systems for a length of 3 years.


Minimum corrosion rate results, to achieve maximum life time for production equipment and minimum maintenance cost.

Zero down time and failures due to cooling water treatment.


The Benefits

  • High performance, efficient chemical treatment program, to achieve excellent results.
  • Highly qualified technical support team ready to attend, troubleshoot and solve issues.


Key Figures


Solb Steel Company Utility Water:

  • 5 closed cooling water systems of 6,100 m3/hr for machinery cooling
  • 1 indirect cooling system of 7,200 m3/hr as a secondary cooling for the 5 closed loops
  • 1 direct cooling system of 500 m3/hr for continuous casting machines
  • 1 direct cooling system of 1,800 m3/hr for Rolling Mill machines
  • Total holding volume for process water is 8,000 m3
  • Total Make up water rate for process water is 6,100 m3/day
  • Total Hydrex® chemical consumption 100, 000 Kg/year



  • 100% reliability, zero shutdown due to water treatment
  • Excellent corrosion rate results < 2.0 mpy
  • Excellent TBC results < 10^3 Col/cm2
  • Make up water consumption reduced by 30%
  • Chemical treatment contract renewed for another 3 years