First MBBR Plant in Saudi Arabia

KSU wastewater treatment project

The Owner of this project is King Saud University (KSU), a public university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, founded in 1957 and assumed its present name in 1982.

KSU awarded the construction of the Girls Campus to Saudi Binladin Group, Public Buildings & Airports (PBAD. The scope of construction’s activities includes roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, universities, residential & commercial buildings, high-rise towers, etc.

  • Daily sewage flow rate : 10,000 m3/day
  • Average hourly flow rate : 416.7 m3/hr
  • Hourly peak dry weather flow rate : 833m3/hr
  • Scheme: 2 Biological Treatment Trains each of capacity 5,000 m3/day


The Client’s Needs

Veolia has been awarded a turnkey contract in 2009 by Saudi Binladin

Group (PBAD) to design and build a new domestic wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 10,000 m3/day.

This Plant is designed to treat the domestic waste water coming from the Girls Campus & university Housing. The treated effluent will be reused primarily for as make up water for the cooling towers in the District Cooling Building and for restricted irrigation.


The Solution

Veolia provides a solution consisting of: common Pre-treatment Screening, Grit and Grease Removal units and two parallel Biological Treatment Trains composed of nitrate removal (anoxic), BOD removal (aeration & AnoxKaldnes™MBBR), Disinfection with Sodium Hypochlorite, Filtration using the proprietary Hydrotech® Disc Filter, Sludge Dewatering Belt Press Unit and Odor control system (Activated Carbon), in addition to all associated pumps, valves, piping, Instruments, Automation System and accessories.

The plant should be commissioned soon.


The Benefits

  • Compact foot print
  • High quality of treated effluent suitable for use as make-up water for cooling towers in the District Cooling Building and for restricted irrigation.