Helping Authorities to use Alternative Water Resource in Marabah

50,000 m3 /day water treatment plant based on Veolia’s proprietary technology Actiflo®



Our planet’s natural resources are limited as our needs are increasing.


At Marabah, Veolia brought a balanced and innovative solution bringing technical, commercial and environmental benefits:

- Flexible, reliable, compact solution meeting the highest standard of quality

- Cost competitive solution

- Preserving resource through the effective use of rain water

The Asir region where Marabah is located is one of the very rare areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where there is a rainfall season.


To meet rising water demand, several dams are under construction in order to utilize the collected rain water as potable water resource in support of sea water desalination plants.

The complexity of this rapidly fluctuating water source (quantity & quality) has been a major concern for the Authorities.


In 2010, the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) decided to expand the existing water treatment plant in Marabah (built originally by Veolia Water Technologies in 2007).


For this expansion, the raw water is coming from three different dams. The treated water quality complies with Sea Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) standards, since it will be mixed with treated water from sea water desalination plants.


Veolia Water Technologies proposed a pretreatment solution based on its proprietary technology: Actiflo®. This first step is followed by multimedia pressure sand filters to handle high polluted dam water; and a brackish water reverse osmosis system to comply with dissolved solids requirement.


With the innovative technological solution, Veolia contributes to the management and proper utilization of dam water while minimizing the construction of extra wells.


Marabah plant is the largest Actiflo® reference in Middle East region.

50,000 m3/day water treatment plant

8 Actiflo® packaged plants

Largest Actiflo® reference in MENA