High quality waste and recycling services for Saadiyat island residents

INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. Veolia is working in partnership with TDIC since 2012 to deliver high quality waste and recycling services for Saadiyat island residents.

Saadiyat island is a diverse and vibrant borough which holds a variety of different types of property. Therefore we need to provide a flexible service which makes recycling easier for residents and represents excellent value for money.
The contract encompasses waste collection, beach cleaning, road sweeping and litter picking.

This comprehensive offer has met specific client’s needs in terms of cost optimization and environmental footprint.
The alternative offered by Veolia is based on the implementation of a recycling strategy aligned with the environmental objectives of TDIC.
Through the segregation of waste, and the efficient service of 36 waste management specialists, we promote recycling rather than disposal of items to provide a benefit for local people as well environment and limit the dependency on landfill.

36 waste management specialists

since 2012