North Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Water & Electricity wanted to utilize the latest water treatment technology in order to supply high quality drinking water to the citizens of Buraidah City. Veolia as specialist in water treatment systems was awarded this contract as sub-contractor for electro-mechanical works.


Key Figures

  • Total Capacity of the Plant:  50,000 m³/day
  • Technology: Radium adsorbtion, Submerged ultrafiltration, Lamella clarification, and Reverse Osmosis.
  • Total Feed Flow for the Pre-Treatment Equipment : 54,400 m³/day
  • Total Feed to main RO : 50,588 m³/day
  • Blending Water Flow Rate : 3,000 m³/day
  • Main RO Unit Recovery:  85%
  • Reject RO Unit Recovery:  50%




  • Production of high quality drinking water
  • Recovery of brine water to minimize water disposal
  • More effective sludge Radium waste and drainage disposal by pumping to existing Sewage treatment plant for further treatment


The plant was commissioned successfully. Projected and designed values were achieved.  Water quality is in accordance with client expectations. Additionally, the latest automation and control technology provided by Veolia has rendered the plant as fully automated with minimal manpower requirement.