Tawazun Industrial Park and Veolia

Tawazun Industrial Park

Waste Management and Cleaning Services at Tawazun Industrial Park


| The challenge

Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP) is a world class industrial zone that was established to help further develop the UAE’s industrial capabilities. It primarily provides a manufacturing base for defense-related products and industries from other sectors, such as:


  • Defense related manufacturing;
  • Metal basic industries;
  • Precision manufacturing;
  • Aerospace manufacturing;
  • Oil and gas support and service industry.


| Veolia’s solution

Provide Tawazun Industrial Park with an effective operational plan and dedicated staff on site. Veolia’s induction and capability to face the challenge to perform in highly restricted area and deliver services to the UAE industrial sector for the defense. 

Veolia provides an integrated total waste management solution to Tawazun Industrial park whereby all kinds of waste are transported and safely disposed off in accordance with local regulations, Veolia standards and International standards. Along with total waste management solution, Veolia provides a dedicated team of competent and experienced personnel to carry out day to day cleaning activities on site. 


| The benefits

Veolia has been a trusted partner to Tawazun Industrial Park since 2012 and we have proudly renewed our agreement in 2021 for total waste management services. 

Tawazun Industrial Park has grown in size with industrial and manufacturing giants as tenants to the Park. With the increase in the Park size, the waste management solutions have to continuously evolve to cater the needs of the Park. As part of the business continuity plan, Veolia has made sure to provide standby resources in order to facilitate such an important site. 

Customized waste management and operations implementation plans are developed in coordination with Tawazun Industrial Park. This is to make sure that most optimized solution is available to the customer. 

Veolia’s understanding and experience on such critically secured sites have helped us to smoothen the services provision. 



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