Thermal desalination antiscalent: Hydrex 9209

Veolia Water Technologies offers the Hydrex™ program to optimize the entire water cycle, chemicals consumption as well as operating and maintenance costs.
HYDREX 9209 is one of the antiscalants of this program to be used specifically for water distillation units.


Description and use

Specially designed to control the development of scale in seawater distillation plants, Hydrex 9209 is based on a synergistic blend of phosphonates which is found to be more effective than other polymers at controlling carbonate and sulphate scale formation in sea water distillation units.



  • Prevents formation of hard scale in seawater distillation units
  • Convenient liquid formulation suitable for automatic dosing using suitable dosing equipment
  • Cost effective concentrate
  • Effective at high temperatures
  • Performance surpasses other similar products: 
    HYDREX 9209's effectiveness in preventing scale from seawater surpasses that of other polymers such as sodium polyacrylate which requires nearly 3 times more time to achieve equal performance under the same conditions.

For more information about the Hydrex™ program, please consult Veolia Water Technologies' Hydrex™ page.