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  • Raufoss industripark
  • Raufoss industripark
  • Raufoss industripark

In one of Norway’s largest industrial parks, Veolia has established a long-term, total engagement within energy and water. Veolia even provides services to the 40 companies operating in the park.

Raufoss Industripark is among the largest Norwegian industrial parks with more than forty various businesses that employ 2,500 people. The park contains more than 300 buildings spread over 240,000 m2. 
Veolia’s long-term, total engagement includes the entire infrastructure of the industrial park:
  • Delivery of heat to the industrial park and COOP’s plant outside the park.
  • Delivery of compressed air, including operation and maintenance of the compressor station and the distribution network.
  • Procurement and distribution of freshwater along with maintenance of the supply network.
  • Delivery of process water for cooling of the manufacturing installations.
  • Delivery of industrial water – purification of water from the river and distribution.
  • Operation and maintenance of drainage system as well as purification and sampling of backwater.
  • Operation and maintenance of technical installations – electricity, ventilation and water as well as cleaning of rock cavities
In addition to this, we provide services to enterprises in the park. 
  • Technical support and investigations as well as conversions sought by the owners and tenants of the industrial park
  • Inspection of pond and pond gates in the river.
In order to reduce the heating costs of various enterprises and to reduce the combined environmental impact of the industrial park, Veolia has even replaced the original district heating installation based on oil and electricity-based boilers with a 7 MW wood chip boiler.

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