Certification and business system

Veolia’s certified business system is the backbone of our work within quality, the environment and working environment. It is a common system for quality, environment and working environment accessible to all our employees. In it, our various processes are described with instructions and routines that ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations. The business principles mean that we can guarantee our customers the same quality throughout our entire delivery.

Our KMA manager is responsible for ensuring that the business principles are constantly kept up to date in accordance with new and changed demands and needs. We follow up on these on an ongoing basis through self-policing based on the agreement made with the client. In addition, the work is continuously evaluated by internal revision. Deviations and suggestions for improvement are handled in accordance with specific instructions in the system. These entail that remedial steps are taken and that order and failure messages are received and carried through the process-controlled business system that we use. Our physical organisations even have local KMA coordinators. They have been trained in environmental management, environmental expertise, working environment, quality and the handling of chemicals.


Veolia is ISO 9001-certified in all areas in which we are active. We ensure the highest possible standards through standard operating procedures which result in order-specific documentation right from the start. Documentation creates the right basis for fulfilling our mission.


Veolia’s environmental work is based on the environmental ISO14001 certification and has been adapted to the recycling society through the fact that we in all our endeavours: 
  • Select and offer products and services that contribute to a green business
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our customers and offer energy optimisation
  • Work toward an optimal level of separate collection of recyclables and in this way reduce the amount of recovery for landfills
  • Are guided by the demands and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders when it comes to the development of our environmental work and a sustainable energy system
  • Constantly improve the environmental management system that leads to improvements of the company’s environmental impact and emissions into the environment
  • Apply with laws, regulations and other requirements

Working environment

Veolia is OHSAS 18001-certified. Our work with the working environment is defined by a partnership between a stimulating and safe working environment greeting the employee, and employee satisfaction is an inherent part of the company’s strategy for growth and development. The working environment should contribute to Veolia being perceived as an attractive business for both customers, suppliers, candidates and employees.

The KMA plan

Our business system is complemented by a mission-specific Quality, Environmental and Working Environment Plan in order to further ensure that our performance meets all customer demands. Needless to say, customer needs will be in focus in every part of the process and will thus be made use of throughout the flow.


As of July 1, 2014, CE marking and performance declarations have been made obligatory for all manufacturers and suppliers of load-bearing components and steel kits. Veolia Projekt in Gothenburg and Avesta have since November 2013 been certified according to the new regulations. Our certification follows SS EN 1090-1 for all execution grades; EXC1, ECX 2, EXC 3 and EXC 4 and ISP 3834-2. The certification applies to all steel constructions we deliver throughout the entire EEA area; that is, all EU countries as well as Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.

Accreditation – pressurising with gas

Veolia is accredited for pressurising with gas encompassing Veolia Sverige with No. 7078 according to the accrediting body SWEDAC’s regulations.
– Accreditation certificate


According to our business certificate 532 from Incert.
– Business certificate