Meet our employees

Sara Wennmark, Business area manager Health care

Sara Wennmark
— One of the advantages with Veolia is the career opportunities available within the company, both in Sweden and in the Group internationally. I started working at Veolia in 2003 and then came directly from university. My first position was as a business developer, which I held for about a year before I was employed as a manager in the company's assignment for Sollentuna Municipality.

— The opportunities to learn new things and development possibilities in areas such as leadership and management have meant that I have been able to take new steps in the company. Four years after I was hired, I got the chance to become manager of the recycling department within all Veolia’s hospitals assignments in Stockholm, which I was for a year until I became overall responsible for our services towards our nationwide customers operations in Stockholm. The development programs within the group are numerous and above all very good.

— Since 2010, I am back in the business area Health care, where I also had the privilege to have different employments. Initially as site manager at various hospitals in the Stockholm area, then as the head of our entire delivery against Locum, and now as head of the business area Health care, this today covers the assignments for Locum, Region Östergötland and Skene Hospital. I've worked closely with our customers in all the different roles I've had, which is something I really appreciate, since it is so important in this type of activity.

Thomas Johansson, Site manager Hardware and sheet metal workshop Avesta

Thomas Johansson
— For me it's perfect! I am passionate about the kind of production we engage in the mechanical and metal workshop, I enjoy staff matters and appreciate the close contact with our customers. I wouldn’t have this job if it weren’t for the opportunities to learn new things that are in the company.
I started out as a CNC operator in the metal workshop in 2002. Seven years later, I became foreman. Since 2014, I’m site manager - I have, in other words, virtually seen all our operations from the ground up, which facilitates the understanding of what is required at every level for it to function at its best.

— The fact that I also get to plan and operate in my own way is another thing that really makes me enjoy my work. It is important, not least because there are many quite different tasks - coaching staff, contract monitoring, tender work and billing, financial monitoring, technical issues need to be resolved ...

— Veolia's major focus on safety is another contributing factor that I like. Accidents can happen but with our systematic work on health and safety, through incident reports, risk assessments, and coordination with the customer, we can avoid them. We notice that our customers appreciate our active work on health & safety - that we work proactively and stand up for issues regarding safety in the meeting with customers and employees. We have an internal goal of 100% compliance with applicable safety equipment.

Jenny Skoog, finance specialist

Jenny Skoog
— My primary duty is to report on results, the budget, as well as forecasts and key indicators to the head office in Paris. I also do work on consolidated financial statements for our Nordic region companies. In addition, I’m also involved in internal control and related investigations.”

— I joined Veolia fresh out of the university. In my 15 years at the company, I have held positions as an accountant, controller, ledger head and group economist, and am now working as a Finance Specialist/supervisor in Group Consolidation & Reporting.” 

— The best part about working for a global corporation is that there are great opportunities for personal development provided by the training programs, not to mention the opportunity to work in other countries. Right now I’m working in the ‘Internal Control’ department of our main office in Paris, where I am learning at a furious pace. I now have numerous contacts in other countries that I can draw on even while working here in Sweden.”