What's it like to work at Veolia

Hvordan er det å jobbe for Veolia?

A focus on skills

As a Veolia employee, you will have the opportunity to evolve in many different ways. We work both in Sweden and abroad to provide training programs that ensure that our employees possess the right expertise and have the opportunity to develop in their professions. Campus Veolia is our staff training unit. It offers training programs to help both you as an employee and the organisation as a whole develop. We encourage and make it easy to change jobs within the organisation, both in Sweden and within the wider Veolia Group abroad. There are numerous career and development opportunities within the group.
Training, health and safety within the Veolia Group
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Our goal is to be the industry’s best employer, with numerous benefits
  • Reduced working hours
  • Compensation for hospital visits
  • A moving allowance when you change jobs and your geographical posting within the company
  • Wellness allowance
  • Insurance policies
  • Occupational healthcare
  • Special offers for staff members in shops and restaurants
  • Staff car for private use
  • Recruitment bonus as an employee if you refer others who are then hired by the company
  • Rikskortet – subsidised lunch
  • Training and development

Health and safety

We are constantly striving to improve the working environment for our employees by counteracting risks and injuries in the workplace. Improved working environment leads to enhanced staff well-being and helps the company achieve greater success in what it delivers. Over 40 per cent of our training programs in 2014 dealt with just this topic: health and safety at work. The aim of these programs is to support improvement measures that have already been initiated, and to launch new initiatives by getting employees involved at all levels of the organisation. Our work on to health and safety is a natural and integrated part of the company’s fundamental processes.