Focus areas


As one of the world’s leading energy services companies, Veolia offers solutions that span the entire value chain. From operation, maintenance and optimisation of existing energy systems to financing, construction and ownership of new systems. 

We streamline the efficiency of existing facilities. We analyse the production process and optimise technical infrastructure, operation, distribution and maintenance. This results in both improved functionality and increased productivity and efficiency.

We proceed on the basis of your production needs when undertaking refurbishment or new-build projects. We analyse the current situation and assess possible cost savings and environmental gains by performing a feasibility study that covers the entire supply chain: choice of energy source, construction of new production facility or refurbishment of an existing facility. In both cases, we are responsible for the entire project, including warranties and delivery risks. We can also offer investment options and specify a cost per delivered unit of energy, thus guaranteeing results in terms of quality, availability and efficiency.

We use key indicators to monitor consumption and increase efficiency. We use the most profitable types of energy to guarantee lower costs and a high level of environmental performance. On the distribution side, we are responsible for reducing or eliminating network losses, and focus on identifying solutions to recover wasted energy on the user side.

District heating 

Our district heating supply is biofuel-based, or is in some cases based on harnessed heat that would otherwise be wasted, such as industrial waste heat.
  • Preserves the environment: waste products from forestry and sawmills are converted into useful thermal energy, which in turn leads to reduced atmospheric emissions
  • ​Costs minimised for maintenance of the boiler or condensing unit
  • ​Lower energy costs
  • Frees up valuable space in plants and properties by avoiding the need for separate boilers or condensing 

Ready heat

A turnkey concept for a long-term heating. We handle heating supply from start to finish, and guarantee a clean, safe and efficient energy solution tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. 
  • Economically advantageous
  • Guaranteed supply of heating to the properties
  • The ease of having a contract in place with a single supplier, including everything from installation to investment and operation, throughout the entire contract period
  • Reduced environmental impacts when converting from fossil fuels to renewablesøkonomisk fordelaktig
Industrial media supply
We help our industrial customers analyse their production processes. We increase productivity, optimise operations, and handle servicing and maintenance of our customers’ production equipment. 

Power generation
  • Power generation is a process whereby primary sources of energy are converted into electricity. We conduct procurements and offer a complete range of technical management for power generation systems.
  • Cogeneration is when both electricity and heat are produced at the same time. We manage the steam boilers and condensers used in cogeneration plants.
Compressed air and vacuum
  • We manage compressed air and vacuum systems, with a focus on the right quality and energy-efficient systems. 
Process cooling
  • Industrial cooling requires complex systems, and operating them cost-effectively requires know-how across a variety of areas. We are responsible for operating and maintaining cooling systems used in industrial processes. 
  • We handle the management of steam, hot water and high-temperature hot water. We develop media systems and work to ensure energy-optimised operation.