Focus areas


Veolia has extensive recycling expertise. The group provides recycling services to 730,000 companies worldwide, converting over 31 million tons of waste to new materials and energy each year. The services we offer in the Nordic region are primarily to industrial customers. 

Återvinning fokusområden
All of our assignments include objectives to reduce our customers’ costs and environmental impacts. We constantly strive to identify synergies to bring about such results within our focus areas. This is why identifying opportunities for recycling forms a natural part of our undertakings.

In cases where we are tasked with the operation and maintenance of energy and media supply systems, we work to harness the plant’s available resources to the full. We help you manage and optimise your material flows.

By handling, recycling and refining production waste products, you can assert control over your material flows and identify the origin of such waste products. You save money and reduce the volume of waste generated.

Industrial plants and equipment that have reached the end of their service lifetimes often pose both financial and environmental challenges. Along with efforts within the framework of our operational and maintenance undertakings, we are happy to accept recycling assignments related to the decommissioning and dismantling of such plants on a project by project basis. Examples of the services we provide:
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of plants and properties
  • Cost efficient liquidation and demolition services
  • Handling and removal
  • Restoration of plant areas
This type of assignment is always carried out with reference to a production schedule (where one is available) and with a focus on project economics, the environment, health and safety.