Focus areas



We are able to offer services across the entire spectrum of the water cycle, from pumping to release back into natural bodies of water. We are constantly developing new solutions to reduce consumption and to reuse as much water as possible.  

We produce and distribute drinking water, treat wastewater, provide water purification equipment and systems, and construct and operate treatment plants for municipalities and industrial applications. Our role frequently includes customer service, the dissemination of methods and knowledge, and bringing our technical expertise to bear.

Our undertakings include not only ongoing operation and maintenance, but can also be extended to include maintenance and investment plans, technical development and financing solutions. We often hire water and sewerage personnel from our customers, providing them with opportunities for professional development and career prospects at a company that specialises in water and sewerage.

What we offer municipalitiesVeolia has contracts with in place with 5,000 municipalities around the world, on whose behalf we operate and maintain water and sewerage systems. Our specific assignments vary from one municipality to another. For some municipalities our undertaking is limited to operating and maintaining existing systems, while for others we provide solutions that also include the development, construction and financing of water and sewerage plants.

The contracts we have in place with the municipalities are based on a partnership approach. The municipality retains ownership and control of operations, and sets the targets that we undertake to meet. This allows the municipality to minimise risks and avoid day-to-day hassles, and instead focus on long-term development aspects. Thanks to our experience and specialist expertise, we can provide water and sewerage management that is cost-effective while entailing a minimum of environmental impact. 

What we offer industrial clients
Water is a necessity for industry. It is used in the form of process water, for heating and cooling, as an ingredient, as an adjuvant in chemical reactions, in the rinsing and cleaning of plants, in fire protection applications, etc. We can handle any issue relating to water in the production process thanks to our proven, innovative solutions and services.
  • Supply and management of process water and sewerage
  • Handling of sludge and by-products, and processing of effluent
  • Handling, purification and recovery of wastewater for return to the ecosystem
  • Optimisation and safe operation and maintenance
  • Switch heating
More than 400 companies in a variety of industrial sectors have transferred all or part of their water management operations to us. This gives them access to proven tailored solutions that let the company focus on their core business, since we are able to ensure reliable water and sewerage operation.

We train personnel and develop routines, and ensure that the company lives up to its responsibilities from an environmental standpoint. Our customer base is drawn from industrial sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, the food sector, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, automotive, steel and electronics.