15 may 2017

Open Innovation Competition: Urban Food from Residual Heat

Urban food from residual heat

A consortia including four Swedish cities, E.ON, ICA Fastigheter, Veolia, Kraftringen and more have launched an Open Innovation competition calling for ideas for how to use residual heat from industry sites in the production of food in urban environments. Prize money of SEK two million has been made available by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, and the deadline for submitting ideas is 2 June 2017.

The Swedish cities of Malmö, Lund, Oskarshamn and Bjuv are looking for creative partners with innovative solutions that can be involved in a new venture, to convert waste heat inta urban food or other biological production. Clean residual heat emitted from a diverse range of sources - from single refrigerators to industrial sites - represents a waste of both energy and resources that is ultimately detrimental to the local and global environment. 
These four municipalities plan to use this residual heat to produce fish, vegetables and other biological goods in production units located in their respective urban areas. They aim to incorporate the concepts of sustainability, the circular economy and zero waste inta a new service in their localities, one which will have positive socioeconomic benefits such as employment, education and urban gentrification. 

In their search for solutions, these municipalities have announced ajoint Open Innovation Competition where the winning ideas will be incorporated inta developing a final proposal. The consortia is seeking the submission of ideas to solve a number of challenge areas, as well as those that may build and improve upon the whole concept of using waste heat for food production. 

How the competition works 

The Open Innovation Competition is structured in three distinct stages, each of which will see the final number of participants reduced. By incorporating the princip les of Open Innovation inta the DNA of the processes, it will act as a platform for innovative participants to collaborate and co­develop their ideas within a community of driven, likeminded people. 
Participants reaching the second round will be offered professional advice and assistance on how best to progress with turning their ideas inta real ity. 
SEK two million (approximately EUR 210.000) is available in prize money for the whole competition. Awards will be made to those participating at each stage of the competition from the second round onwards, with a significant amount reserved for the winner. The winner will also have the opportun ity to build on their exciting idea and be involved in the final proposal. The prize money is an award from Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency, together with the organising partners. 
ldeas must be submitted before 2 June. 

Link to competition website.