Harjavalta industrial park

At the industrial park in Harjavalta in Finland, Veolia has one of the group’s largest energy agreements for delivery of steam, hot water, water process water and compressed air, as well as district heating to the neighbouring town. In co-operation with the park’s enterprises, Veolia is reducing the park’s energy costs and environmental impact.

Harjavalta industripark
The industrial park is a factory area of about 300 hectares where above all Norilsk Nickel and Boliden have large-scale enterprises. Veolia is responsible for the energy services in the park through its subsidiary STEP which is responsible for the production of steam and heat in the park’s power station as well as for the recycling of heat from the enterprises’ industrial processes.
STEP has even gradually modernised the energy production in the park within the framework of its long-term commitment.
  • In 2011, a new 20 MW boiler plant was built in connection with the power station in order to plan for the park’s future energy needs and create a reliable and flexible production.
  • In spring 2015, STEP and Norilsk Nickel agreed to install a new 30 MW boiler plant fuelled with wooden pellets and liquid natural gas for steam delivery. The new boiler will reduce the park’s energy costs and reduce their dependence on fuel oil corresponding to 520 tank truck deliveries annually CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are estimated to be reduced by 70,000 tons per year.
Veolia’s task includes optimisation of the energy flow in the industrial park.

Optimization of energy flows and supply of steam and process heat

600 GWh in annual production

Supply of district heating to nearby metro network