Raufoss industrial park

Raufoss industripark

At the Raufoss Industripark, Veolia contribute to a both financial and environmental gain for the park’s activities through a turnkey contract.

Raufoss Industripark is one of Norway’s largest industrial parks with about 40 different companies. The park contains 300 buildings over a total of 230,000 m2. Veolia has a long-term turnkey contract that covers the entire infrastructure of the industrial park, which means supply of heat, compressed air, cooling water, drinking water as well as operation of electricity and drainage. In addition, Veolia provides technical and environmental services to the industrial company and the neighbouring public company.
The commitment is based on Veolia’s solution “Färdig varme”, which makes it possible to replace the existing electric and oil boilers with a biofuel boiler. Apart from building the new boiler, the installation comprised a modification of the district heating pipelines as well as technical adjustments in each building. The result is a more efficient operation and reduced heating costs for the industrial park’s enterprise as well an important environmental gain as the use of fossil fuels in principle has been eliminated.

We chose Veolia together with our tenants as Veolia made the best offer on a new district heating solution.

John Einar Jørgensen, Factory Manager, Raufoss Næringspark ANS

Ready heat

Elimination of the use of fossil fuels

Engineering and environmental services to industry