Scan is one of Northern Europe’s leading food companies within meat, deli products and instant food. As a food company, Scan has a particular responsibility for the environment in all parts of the process, right from the production of animals to be slaughtered to the finished product on the consumer’s dinner table.

Scan’s activities require constant work to gradually lower its impact on the environment, which in turn contributes to durable ecologically and financially sustainable development. This depends on an accurate overview of the processes in their industry, for example energy production, refrigeration and transportation in order to meet the ambitious environmental objectives.

Veolia work toward lowering Scan’s operating costs and energy consumption by constantly optimising processes and by increasing the operational reliability of the food company’s manufacturing plants in Linköping, Kristianstad and Skara. The agreement encompasses the responsibility for operation and maintenance of buildings, building installations and energy supply with a focus on energy efficiency improvements and other efficiency improvements. By connecting the technical functions of the buildings with the energy supply, we are able to increase the efficiency improvements by making use of the synergies. The solution includes a functional commitment where the integral whole is ensured through improved management, reporting and analysis.

"Veolia Provides solid technical skills combined with good knowledge and experience from our company."

Sören Svantesson, Technical Manager, Scan, Sweden


Reduced operating costs through streamlined operations and maintenance - about 15 million

Savings through energy efficiency projects - 6.5 million

Personnel take-over of 50 people