Setra offer wooden products for decoration purposes and construction based on environmentally certified raw materials. The company’s pine-wood sawmill in Skinnsskatteberg plays an important coordinating role in the production flow between Setra’s other plants in the area.

Veolia has built a biofuel boiler for heat delivery at the sawmill and is responsible for its operation and maintenance in a long-term co-operation concerning energy delivery. The boiler is fuelled with bark, chips and turnings from the sawmill’s own production in order to achieve a cost-effective and environmentally friendly delivery to the sawmill’s heating system and dehydration plant for wood.
Setra’s co-operation with Veolia allows them to devote themselves solely to their core undertakings without having to worry about the plant’s reliability. An added value which enabled Setra to make the necessary investments to improve manufacturing and quality at the plant.
When Setra closed down its locales in Horndal, Veolia acquired the company’s existing solid fuel boiler in order to be able to deliver heat to Horndal’s district heating system.

“We see Veolia as a long-term business partner.”

- Jerker Nyström, Production Director, Setra Group