Plant operation


Plant operation adjusted to future challenges

Veolia’s focus areas are energy, water, recycling and maintenance. We render systems more efficient within these areas for all types of plants. By even taking over the operation, we guarantee production. At the same time, we discover synergies which will lead to reduced costs and a reduced environmental impact.

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Our case studies within plant operation

All our undertakings commence with an analysis of the building. This includes operation and maintenance as well as supply and distribution of energy and media within the plant along with the distribution and use of water. 

The analysis will identify various areas of improvement by rendering them more efficient, as well as an optimisation of operation and maintenance. By having an overall perspective which even includes recycling, we discover possible synergies within the plant such as waste heat recovery, by-products from production and energy recovery from waste water. 

Our solutions within plant operation include the entire value chain within each focus area. 
Within energy, focus particularly is on:
  • Operation, maintenance and optimisation of existing energy plans for an improved and guaranteed functioning, increased productivity and operating efficiency.
  • Financing, construction and ownership of new energy plants based on the customer’s needs. 
  • District heating network
  • Maintenance and investment plans
  • Compressed air and vacuum – we manage systems with a focus on quality and energy efficiency
  • Process rinsing – we are responsible for operation and maintenance of cooling system for industrial processes.
  • Steam – We take care of the handling of steam, warm and hot water. We develop media systems and work toward an energy-optimised operation.
Hubgrade - an innovative solution for energy optimization of all types of buildings

Within water, our focus is specifically on:
  • Channelling and distribution of drinking water
  • Optimisation of operation and maintenance of system for water use
  • Undertake equipment and system for water purification and fire protection
  • Maintenance and investment plans, technical development and financing.
  • Replace heating
  • Handling of water through industrial plant:
  • Process water
  • Water for heating and cooling
  • Water as ingredient, water to support reactions
  • Handling of sludge and waste products
  • Purification of waste water

Plant operation according to functional agreement

In several cases, our responsibility for a plant is a functional one in which we guarantee availability, functionality and cost levels. The functional responsibility may then cover things such as electrical installations regarding ventilation, water and drainage as well as electricity supply and equipment. 
Thanks to our long-term experience with plant technique and our expertise within optimisation, we are able to assist our customers in meeting future demands in the shape of environmental requirements and other legal requirements, taxes, energy prices and raw material costs without compromising on quality.