Trelleborgs fjärrvärme

Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme AB (TREFAB) is engaged in the production and sale of district heating. The company wants to be able to offer district heating services that are as environmentally friendly and affordable as possible to both individuals and business clients; Veolia supports this objective by supplying biofuel-based heating.

Trelleborgs fjärrvärme
The solution is based on Veolia’s acquisition of Trelleborg Industri’s steam plant and a major conversion of the facility to allow it to run one of the boilers on environmentally friendly wood pellets instead of natural gas, which is a fossil fuel. As part of the acquisition, Veolia reached an agreement with Trelleborgs Industri on the continued supply of steam from the plant for use in the company’s manufacturing processes, and reached an agreement with TREFAB to supply the city’s district heating network. This yields several synergies:
  • TREFAB avoids having to invest in new production capacity and can focus on expanding its distribution network.
  • TREFAB reduces its reliance on fossil fuel heating by 20 GWh, with carbon dioxide emissions deriving from fossil fuels cut by approximately 20,000 tonnes per year
  • The primary supply of steam generated by the plant goes to Trelleborg Industri, but by also supplying heat to TREFAB it is possible to optimise both fuel consumption and the plant itself, yielding significant environmental benefits. 
The solution is a good example of what Veolia has to contribute when it comes to sustainable energy solutions for both industry and society as a whole through local partnerships.

“Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme and Veolia have been cooperating to operate and maintain the Trelleborg production facilities for several years now. The partnership has progressed, and now forms the basis for the further development of both environmental policy and the district heating network in Trelleborg. This is something that Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme and Veolia have paved the way for by working together.”

Per-Olof Nilsson, Managing Director of Trelleborgs Fjärrvärme AB