Structure a specific plastic recycling and recovery sector


Veolia is pursuing its ambition to structure a specific plastic recycling and recovery sector in order to offer an alternative to  virgin materials and stop pollution at source.

After having signed up with Unilever and Tetra Pack at the end of 2018, Veolia has just signed a partnership with Nestlé in March 2019 to fight plastic waste and develop recycling programs. The projects will focus on eleven priority countries in South East Asia as well as in Africa, where Veolia wants to strengthen its commitment to fighting plastic pollution and to reducing plastic waste.

Various technologies will be explored and lead to viable recycling models in different countries: chemical recycling, such as pyrolysis, for example produces plastic that is of a similar  quality to that of virgin plastic.

Group target 2025

  • 1 billion in turnover in the plastics recycling and recovery sector
  • for Nestlé: 35% recycled material in plastic bottles and 15% in all product packaging


More details on how Veolia recycles plastic waste