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Veolia, the leading ESG company for meeting environmental challenges

Decarbonization, economy and regeneration of resources, and depollution: these are the three challenges we are addressing for all our stakeholders.

Press Release
Press Release
🎙️"#Decarbonization, economy and regeneration of resources and #depollution are the three challenges that we are addressing for our customers, stakeholders and shareholders as a leading ESG company." 🌍

@E_Brachlianoff - CEO of Veolia

Determined, optimistic, together!

Meet our Resourcers around the world committed to ecological transformation.


Michelle photo, Laboratory Manager in California - at the Edward C. Little West Basin site

Ecological transformation:
are we ready?

We have the solutions to face climate change and pollution, are we ready to accept the social, economic and cultural changes necessary to implement them?

To answer these questions and fuel a constructive and proactive debate, Veolia and Elabe launch the first barometer of ecological transformation.

We are resourcers

Optimistic, determined and collaborative, we are committed to resourcing the world by sharing a common spirit