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What is the eco-responsible mode?

Veolia is committed to ecological transformation, and this also includes the website you visit. By activating this eco-responsible mode, you will access a more sober interface and reduce the CO2 emissions of our site to lighten the environmental impact of digital technology. This module is currently only activated on the home page, but we are working on applying it to our entire site.

Ecological transformation, our purpose

The ecological emergency is here and the time for transition has passed. At Veolia, we are acting every day for ecological transformation.

We will answer the ecological emergency on the ground by reinforcing our geographical footprint for the sake of our clients and the planet.

Together we will be the global champion of #EcologicalTransformation.

Living Circular

A place of inspiration and exchange around new models of sustainable growth

Catch the oyster shell wave!

Soöruz has developed an innovative process to eco-design wetsuits using oyster shells.

Edible tattoos eliminate food packaging!

Eliminate single-use packaging of organic fruit and vegetables with edible tattoos.

Wind power hit with the recycling winds of change - thanks to Veolia and GE

In the United States, Veolia is giving GE Renewable Energy's wind turbine blades a second life in cement manufacture.

We are resourcers

Optimistic, determined and collaborative, we are committed to resourcing the world by sharing a common spirit