Press Releases

The Combined General Meeting of Veolia Environnement shareholders, held today at the Company's administrative headquarters, under the chairmanship of its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Antoine Frérot, approved all of the resolutions submitted to it with a quorum 65.18%.
Veolia – as a provider of essential services and a partner of cities and businesses – is fully mobilized to ensure continuity of service while protecting the health of its employees, the Group’s two overriding priorities.
Veolia, through its subsidiary Veolia North America, announces today that it has signed an agreement to take over Alcoa USA Corporation’s Hazardous Waste Treatment Site located in Gum Springs, Arkansas (USA).
Veolia regularly reviews its asset portfolio in the light of its strategy and development plan.
Veolia Environnement has successfully issued a bond for a nominal amount of 1,5 billion Renminbis (ie 193 million Euros) on the Chinese domestic market (Panda Bond).
Today, EDF and VEOLIA, through their respective subsidiaries Cyclife Holding and Asteralis, announce the creation of a joint entity – Graphitech –