Students, trainees and recent graduates

Over to the youngsters! Do you want to boost your career start? Are you looking for an internship? Are you looking for an apprenticeship ?
Alternants, étudiants et jeunes diplômés, booster votre carrière

Do you want to be a part of the ecological transformation?

Are you looking for an internship or an apprenticeship? Have you finished your studies? Are you interested in an International Volunteer Experience or a first experience in environmental professions? In an international group that imagines innovative solutions for the ecological transformation of companies and territories? Who wants to preserve the great balances of the planet and replenish the world? Are you a student and finishing a degree program in higher education?

At Veolia, we support and encourage your ambitions.
Because the future is being shaped with you. Welcome!

Work and study

Have you already thought about apprenticeship as a mode of study? Welcome!

Working abroad

Want to go abroad? Our PANGEO program is for you!

The Ecological transformation trophies

Fancy a helping hand at the end of your studies? Submit your thesis and win a prize worth €2,200!

Our offers

We recruit a wide range of profiles in different fields for all our geographical areas:
Engineers, IT, field jobs, sales...


Find out more about the Student Solidarity Award

Get your association to compete
Are you part of a student association?
Does it work for international development, help strengthen social ties and support employment, or is it committed to protecting the environment and biodiversity? 
Get your association to compete for the Student Solidarity Award! The prize: meetings with professionals, a chance to expand your network and a grant of  €15,000to win and share  among the 3 winning projects! And for each rewarded project, you'll also benefit from the support of our experts, thanks to our international skills sponsorship program.

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Visit our online platform to apply (until April 30) for the 2024 edition.