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Work and study

Are you interested in work study? You should be, it's one of the best stepping stones to jobs and employability!
EMployée de chez Veolia

Why not you?

• Are you over 18?

• Do you want to take part in the ecological transformation?

• Do you want to learn the skills to work in environment-related jobs in water, waste or energy management? Want to resource the world?

• Do you enjoy learning and putting what you’ve learned into practice straight away? Welcome to Veolia!

What’s work study at Veolia all about?

• With work study, you’ll be trained in the skills we’re going to need tomorrow.

• Our priority? To give you operational training in environmental services and to support you in your career goals.

• How? With experienced trainers and tutors from our businesses, who are passionate and committed to passing on their know-how to you.



young work-study students worldwide with Veolia in 2020.
including 2,000 in France (with a target of 2,500 in 2023)

18 work-study options

In France, the Campus Veolia network offers 18 work-study programs in the core technical, sales and management fields. A similar model is also in place in Great Britain, deployed by Campus Veolia UK

Why choose Veolia?

5 good reasons:

1. Because for almost 30 years, we have made work-study programs the preferred training and recruitment method.

2. Because we are committed to creating our own training network, Campus Veolia, where we provide training in buoyant and constantly evolving jobs: we are constantly developing our businesses to meet the changing world and the new needs of our customers.

3. Because you can also continue to evolve

4. Because sharing our values and our "purpose" is essential when recruiting, we prioritize our work-study students. If necessary, we make their profile known to our partners. For example, we offer access to the "Engagement Jeunes" platform to all our work-study students.

5. Because you’ll be able to join our community of almost 220,000 Resourcers! #WeAreResourcers



work-study contracts signed each year in France across all our businesses.


exam success rate in our "Campus" training centres in France


of our work-study students go directly into employment, 87.3% at Veolia, for work-study students from the Campus centres


Our Group is a member of 3 main networks: GAN (Global Apprenticeship Network), FIPA (Fondation Innovations Pour les Apprentissages) to develop and advance work-study programs in Europe and ANAF (Association Nationale des Apprentis de France).


Learn about our work-study programs

Discover the Campus Veolia network



How do I apply?

Apply for a particular vacancy or post a spontaneous application.