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Ecology: an increasing number of green deals around the world

Within the space of a few months, the European Union, South Korea and Canada all adopted ambitious green deals designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition their economies to carbon neutrality.

In Colombia, Veolia recycles waste for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola FEMSA wanted to set up an integrated waste management service for its bottling plants. Teams from Veolia rose to the challenge, despite the lockdown.

In China, hard at work treating tons of hazardous waste during the Covid-19 crisis

Working via its Chinese joint venture Lijia, Veolia uses its risk prevention expertise to help process hazardous waste created during the epidemic.

Improve the quality of Alteo’s effluents before they are discharged into the sea

Veolia suggested a biological treatment unit for industrial water discharged from the Alteo plant at Gardanne.
Result: discharge water has never been cleaner.

Water management: risks and opportunities

Two recent market studies reveal market growth opportunities in the water treatment sector.

SEDIF, the world’s first carbon-neutral water service

Since 2001, Veolia Eau d’Île-de-France has been managing the drinking water service for the inner Paris suburbs on behalf of the Syndicat des Eaux d’Île-de-France (SEDIF), the largest water service and in France one of the largest in the world.

Drinking water: filtration to combat micropollutants in Lake Geneva

The microfiltration solution from Veolia Water Technologies subsidiary OTV was chosen by Lausanne to improve water quality in Lake Geneva, which has a high concentration of micropollutants.

In Australia, Veolia produces fertilizer using potassium cryztallisation

Veolia's crystallization technology was chosen to produce potassium fertilizer from Lake Way in Western Australia.

Water, energy and food security at the heart of the ecological transformation

The ecological transformation cannot happen and food security is not possible without optimal water resource management to protect water quality. 

Veolia's new approaches to delivering sustainable water management

In response to the increasing number of converging crises across the world, Veolia is coming up with solutions to guarantee tomorrow's water services.

How water management is preparing for crisis situations

Water management in uncertain times. Cross interview between Xavier Leflaive and Jean-François Nogrette.