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Q1 Results 2024

2024 Q1 results will be available on May, 14th 2024 at 8:30 am

Q1 Results 2024 presentation

Access the presentation for Q1 2024 Results

Next events

August 1st, 2024: Half-year results

November 7th, 2024: 3rd quarter financial information

February 27th, 2025: Publication of the 2024 annual accounts

April 24th, 2025: General Meeting 

May 7th, 2025: 1st quarter financial information 

Financial and extra-financial publications

Climate report

Acccess Veolia's climate report for 2023

2023 URD

Access the 2023 universal registration document

ESG Report

Access the ESG progress report, at the heart of Veolia's multi-faceted performance

Access all financial reports

Access to all financial reports for Veolia

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