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May 12th, 2022: Key figures for the period 1st quarter 2022

June 15th, 2022: Shareholders' General Meeting at 3 p.m.

August 3rd, 2022: 2022 First half results

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Key Figures as of March 31, 2022

Annual results 2021


Key Figures on September 30, 2021


2021 First half results


Key Figures on March 31, 2021


Annual results 2020


Key Figures on September 30, 2020


Creating the World Champion of Ecological Transformation

Universal registration document 2021 


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2022 Shareholders' meeting

2022 Shareholders' meeting will take place on June 15th, 2022 at Maison de la Mutualité, Paris Vth arrondissement.


Avis de convocation / Avis de réunion (in french)

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