The Ecological transformation trophies

Launched for the first time in 1998, this Veolia competition has been rewarding the most innovative end-of-study work by university, engineering and business school students for over 20 years.
Trophies of ecological transformation, Veolia

INNOVATE for a sustainable world...

Depending on your topic, you will enter one of the four categories:

  • Fight against climate change, 
  • treatment of pollution, 
  • optimization of resources, 
  • improvement of the quality of life. 

...WIN a bike or its monetary equivalent

Winner, you will leave with a bike (mechanical or electric) worth 2,200€ or its monetary equivalent.

... and make your SCHOOL WIN €3,000!

As part of Veolia's commitment to support higher education, the schools from which the winners come will receive €3,000 in the form of an apprenticeship tax.

Present your thesis or dissertation in front of a jury of Veolia professionals and win a bicycle or its monetary equivalent!



How to participate?

To be eligible for the competition, work must be completed:

→by one or more students (maximum 3)
→during the final year of a five-year university degree (European standard) ending in the 2023-2024 academic year
→fall into one of the 4 categories detailed below.

The Ecological transformation trophies - veolia rules 2024



Imagining solutions that will make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon impact of human activities, whether for industries or for territories: thinking about tomorrow's energy services, putting digital technology at the service of urban transformation, pooling the activities of industrial parks, developing tools for measuring and certifying the environment. Or how to reconcile productivity and reduction of the environmental footprint of industrial companies. 

Adapting he way we produce and live to better manage the impacts of global warming on populations and territories: continuity of water or waste management services in the face of natural disasters or climatic crises, crisis management to better preserve investments, reuse of wastewater in the face of water risk, energy resilience solutions.


Fighting against all forms of pollution by devising new solutions to treat water, soil and air pollution, as well as new and difficult types of pollution, such as plastic pollution, micro-pollutants and the treatment of hazardous waste.


Act on the entire water cycle to better protect and preserve the resource. Develop the smart city by relying on new technologies, artificial intelligence, data science and digital technology for better management, optimized monitoring and greater transparency of services in water, energy and or waste management. 

Wherever possible, implement circular economy loops to limit the consumption of resources, particularly in the management of household and industrial waste by optimizing sorting, recycling and transformation/reuse into new resources.

Developing energy efficiency solutions: green energy from sewage sludge, heating and cooling networks, energy efficiency in buildings, bio-waste management.


Preparing for tomorrow's world by imagining solutions today in the areas of health, urban agriculture, urbanization and the preservation of biodiversity. 

Enabling everyone to benefit from essential services such as access to water and hygiene.

Contribute to the dynamics of the regions where we operate by working daily to create social links, by supporting start-ups and by putting consumers at the center of our thinking.

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